Sicily: The favorite of Italy’s vistors

The great wines of Etna along the Ionian Sea, the sublime ancient remains of the southern coast or the good objectives of the anti-mafia movement in Palermo … All good plans for tourists in Sicily, the large three seas Italian island.

Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna Volcano and Taormina seen from Teatro Greco aka Greek Theatre or Amphitheatre, Sicily, Italy, by freelance travel and destination photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis
Taormina, Sicily, Italy. Mount Etna Volcano and Taormina seen from Teatro Greco aka Greek Theatre or Amphitheatre, Sicily, Italy, by freelance travel and destination photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis

Etna, nourishing mother

Come hungry, because in this inn you will eat very well! The owner of Quattro Archi is committed to satisfy his customers with the best products of Sicilian volcanic soil, noodles with porcini mushrooms to the beans soup and wild fennel, pork and knuckle of ham with desserts “semifreddo” (semi-frozen desserts, typically ice-cream cakes), pistachio or almonds … Here, many ingredients are labeled “Slow food” is watching over them like treasures because they are grown by only a handful of producers. To enjoy drinks, of course, local wines carefully selected.

Contact : Quattro Archi, via Francesco Crispi, 9, Milo.

East Coast. Reincarnated Bacchus

Before, Sandro Dibella was a bar owner in a village. But his meeting with Frank Cornelissen, a Belgian winemaker set in Sicily, changed his life. Upon contact, he was introduced to the wines. And his basement at Solicchiata, became the headquarters of the wine growers of the Etna area. Endless, Sandro knows like the back of Sicilian vintages fingers of course, but also those of Piedmont, Tuscany, Alsace or Burgundy. To help the tasting, it offers delicious pizza sourdough. The onions, parmesan, lemon peel and black olives is simply divine.

Contact:. Ox Cave, via Nazionale, 159, Solicchiata

Schuss of the volcano

During the season there is no more exciting thrills off the slopes of the volcano, with the sea on the horizon, the pristine white snow of sight and smoking crater that vibrates! The Etnapromotur agency, supported by the North Etna mountain guides, organizes safely classic hikes (on foot, most of the year, or snowshoeing in the winter) and ski treks.

Contact: Etnapromotur Piazza A. Castrogiovanni, 19, Linguaglossa.

South coast. So much to see in Syracuse

Early morning or late in the evening when the tourist is scarce, this is the perfect time to cross over the bridge that leads to Ortygia island, the ancient center of Syracuse. And getting lost in the narrow lanes, nose in the air to admire the baroque facades and azure sea. Here the traces of the Greek era, when the city was at its peak, in the fifth and fourth centuries BC. Here also the birthplace of the preeminent mathematician and engineer Archimedes. Since 2005, the entire city of Syracuse, along with the Necropolis of Pantalica which falls within the province of Syracuse, were listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

On the desert beach …

Formerly, the Greek colonists had installed their harbor in San Leone, at the mouth of the river of Akragas, a few kilometers below the ancient city of Agrigento. Today, there is always a small marina here, but above a long sandy beach, where the Sicilians come with family or friends, stroll or enjoy a drink on the sand. Ideal for daydreaming, eyes turned towards the sea and Africa.

Blessed colony

From the small theater, the view extends to the Etna, and when one walks on the stone quarries, it feels like an Asterix comic. The ancient Greek colony of Akrai is a magical place, discreet and little attended. And this is not its only asset: the ancient site lies at the heart of Mont Iblei, above the nice little town of Palazzolo Acreide, a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its Baroque heritage.

North Coast Palermo “No Mafia”

See Palermo and resist: this is what provides the travel agency founded by Addiopizzo. Addiopizzo is a project of Addiopizzo that focuses on raising awareness among the many holidaymakers that travel to Sicily every year by helping travellers with finding “pizzo-free” hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. In addition they run anti-mafia tours for schools, universities, and other interested parties. it offers a particularly fascinating guided tour of three hours from the crowded alleys of the market del Capo to the Cathedral, through the Piazza della Memoria, which are engraved the names of magistrates killed by Cosa Nostra.


Head cover of the Sicilian

The “coppola” is the traditional cap associated with the face of mafia. But in the shop of La Coppola Storta, this symbol was hijacked, and is now available in formats for women and children, and even the animals … Premade handmade by women repented at Piana degli Albanesi, on the road of famous village of Corleone, these hats are now sold worldwide. Remember a guaranteed is “Made in Sicily” and totally “pizzo-free.”

Italian fast food

For a few coins, you can get the best of Palermo’s street food. Moreover in historic surroundings. Antica Focacceria di San Francesco, which opened in 1834, regales his world of “Panelle” ( Sicilian fritters made from gram flour and other ingredients), to “arancini” (rice balls stuffed with minced meat in sauce or mozzarella ), and potato croquettes … The specialty? The “Pani ca meusa” lung stew and calf spleen sandwich sprinkled with grated cheese (yes, really)! And if you still have a hollow after that, nothing like a “cannoli”, a cake filled with ricotta flavored with citrus peel sheep.

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