VIDEO: In Jordan, stunning images of the a Thousand years Heritage

Touch the walls of the ancient caravan city of Petra. Rollover exceptional desert landscape of Wadi Rum. Get high on the ancient remains of the Roman theater and the Amman Citadel …, Jordan lives in great show. The proof in pictures, with this video we found on the web.

Jordan from the Air from Matador Network on Vimeo.

The travelers Sporleder Scott and Ross Borden, and the two directors of this video begin near the border with Saudi Arabia in Wadi Rum. This vast desert region of southern Jordan is home to Bedouin who raise their herds. With its 74 000 hectares of caves, ramps, cliffs, canyons, natural arches that time has carved into the sandstone shimmer of this land, the Wadi Rum invites for excursions by jeep or camel, and sensational rides.

Archaeologists have also found their paradise: 25,000 petroglyphs, symbolic designs carved in the rock, and 20,000 registrations that can trace the beginnings of alphabetic writing. A wealth that has earned the site to make its debut at the World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2011.

The winds then push us further north to Petra, ancient crossroads of trade of spices from India, silk from China and Arabian incense. Half-built, half-carved into the rock, the ancient caravan city, former capital of the Nabataean civilization, still impresses with its unusual architecture. Gradually abandoned by its inhabitants from the seventh century, Petra was not revealed to the Western world until 1812 after it was discovered by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt.

Heading, finally, the country’s capital, Amman. In this northwestern city, the Greek and Roman occupations have left their marks. The citadel, also known as Amman Citadel, is now an archaeological museum in the open air enthroned where the remains of a temple dedicated to Hercules. Hover over this site, like that of the ancient Roman Theatre, which hosts today shows, to discover a new angle the splendor of the cultural heritage of Jordan.

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